APRIL 2018

 from Athens Greece

from Athens Greece

ICDPD, March 2018 is now on the menu.  You'll find a  collection of photographs  from International Contemplative Dance Practice Day (created by Jana Vitols, Seattle) in celebration of my eightieth birthday.  So grateful.  Contemplative Dance Practice began around 1978 at Naropa University.  It is inspired by the meditative forms and Dharma teachings presented by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and mingled with contemporary dance lineages.  I call it a Dancer's Meditation Hall/A Meditator's Dance Hall.

(If there are photos that didn't make it onto this collection, send them to me and I'll put them up.)

MAY 2016

This Very Moment ~ teaching thinking dancing has been out in the world for one year! 

The book has found its way around the globe.   (Some cartons of the first printing remain in my garage. Who knows how they will come out?)  It’s an eccentric book about dancing and teaching and thinking ~ part memoir, stories that shaped the teaching practices,  and part manual, classroom explorations I evolved over the years for movement and dance improvisation and composition.  It is spiral bound so you can lay it flat on the studio floor.  My great hope is that it will support classrooms of creative beings with possibilities for open/structures and playful confidence. 

In this year  I retired from teaching at Naropa University and I’ve rested deeply.  I rest into soft time and listen for messages.   Once again, as an septuagenarian, I train this body mind.  Taking class remains powerful for sanity.  Some of the classes I'm taking are restorative yoga, gyrotonics, and Buddhist studies.   Now spring has come so I’m in the backyard, planting seeds and, two days ago, new peony plants.  

The book is in the world, resting on earth against a tree in my backyard. May, 2015

You can buy a copy here  or at Contact Quarterly Editions and I'll have some in the back of my car!


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