World War II

Born on the southern tip of great lake Michigan in March 1938, before the United States declared war in Europe, before Pearl Harbor was bombed I find myself drawn to stories and images of the second world war. As I  wander in memories for the Memoir, I sense/feel how this war  surrounded my growing up. It was in an oblique way, in the language of the household,  in the newspaper photos, in newsreels, in the fear that comes in the aftermath of war.   I watch movies, TV series.  I see  young men thrown into  tragic battles against the Axis of Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito.  I see this happening all over the world.  I watch The Spies of Warsaw  a TV series taking place during  the year I was born.   I watch the children. Why am I doing this?  Will I find  something I don't know the name of?  If we are all interconnected does this war suffering explain  sorrow?

May wars cease and peace be in our breathing.