Compositional Eye

Red Square rehearsal, Fall 2014, photo: Regan Halas

excerpt from Practices, Chapter Six

Compositional Eye has three parts: Inner Eye, Ensemble Eye and Audience Eye. We compose in our living all the time.

We bring disparate images floating around in our mind into focus.

We arrange objects on top of a dresser,

place food just so on a plate for our guest, adjust flowers in a vase.

Here’s a Score for a daily life composition:

Get up. Brew coffee.

Meditate and stretch.


Write about dancing life for book project.

Make phone calls and pay bills.

Doodle about class this afternoon.

Gaze out the window.

Deposit check before class.

Improv/Comp class ~ 2 hours.

Market on the way home.

Supper and a movie.