1968-1974 NYC:Neighborhood of Minds

WONDER DANCES, MoMing/Chicago,1974 Swinging light bulb on end of gold cord creating dancing shadows on the ceiling.

excerpt from Memoir, Chapter 4, part 2

One night at Max’s Kansas City, a favorite ‘watering hole’ near Union Square, she climbs on a table to argue and laugh with Robert Smithson, the brilliant sculptor who makes giant earth-works like Spiral Jetty. Dancers, actors, musicians, painters, sculptors court one another and those daredevil muses. In and around these serious, outrageous, innovative friends, her dancing changes.  The same clothes she puts on in the morning are what she performs in that night. At SoHo gallery openings of exhibits, she recognizes almost everyone.  In this art ecosystem everyone is in each other’s peripheral vision. Steve Paxton,  dance comrade, calls it ‘a neighborhood of minds’…”lives entwined in so many ways, so many scenes, company and comfort through 60s and 70s in a neighborhood of the minds. Seemingly wherever we went, there we were.”  She begins making ’work.’