Three parts of the Bow

excerpt from Chapter 2 Practices ~ First Class

desolate/delight ensemble, Naropa U. MFA, spring 2010 Photo: Alex Miles Younger


Introduce the Bow.  It is a contemplative practice for beginnings and endings that has spread far and wide.  Share your experiences of bowing.  Describe the three parts first then guide a Bow.

Hold       Catch the moving mind/moving body and hold everything still for the briefest of moments.

 Feel       Feel your inner being and then expand awareness out toward others and the room.

 Give       Palms of hands resting against thighs, elbows slightly outward, bow forward from the top of the head, bowing to one another and to the space. Rising up with eyes open and soft, there is an almost invisible smile emerging. We have arrived.


Sit in a circle.  Then turn around with your back to the center.  When you are ready to join (and it is an important awareness, to be willing to join), turn around and face the center. Now Bow together.